Project K.A.B.
First of all I will explain what I mean with my project K.A.B. (knit a beret).

On 14 October 2006 I read an article in the Telegraph about a little girl who had a malignant tumour in her nape. Through chemotherapy she lost her hair. With her mother she came on the on the nice idea to make caps with tresses of real hair. Her granny made them. She received nice responses about the caps and got several applications for such a cap. However, her granny did not have enough time for this. Isabelle has written her own weblog concerning her sickness. This Article inspired me to make the caps myself and to set up a project. You can read the article of Isabelle yourselves. Click here to read it
For this reason the project is called K.A.B. (knit a beret)

Where I delivered all my caps in 2007/2008

Two shipments on have gone to Holland already, one on 22nd November 2007 to an hospital in Spijkenisse and one on 11th February 2007 to a woman who has a shop and where you can lend breast prosthesis. She has a cupboard where she shows them. The third big bag I delivered to Maria Gracia on 11th March 2008, who works as a volunteer at Oncolliga in Gerona (Spain), an organisation that takes care of women with cancer. If you can read a little Catalan you can go to their website: click here
On 14th April 2008 I spoke with the president of Oncolliga (Institute of Cancer, see above) about the delivery of my caps. She was a very friendly lady and she appreciated my work very much. But the fact is that Spanish women do not wear knitted or crocheted caps, but only wigs when they are going out. Only at home they wear bandanas (shawl). But the president had a good solution: she took the caps to AFANOC and the Fundación Enriqueta Villavecchia en Barcelona, the same organisation but for children. The children were very glad with them and now I continue my project with making caps for these children. Here you can see some pictures with the president and Maria vice-president. Also from Eulalia, a pedagogue who shows the bandanas women wear at home.

15th February 2009 I gave the last caps to Maria of Oncolliga. She will give them to a colleague who will sell them at a fair. From the money they will buy new wigs.

I myself decided to stop with the project because I don't have much time, don't have internet and because Spanish people prefer wigs. I wrote to the helping ladies that they can send their caps to the Red Cross in Holland. There they organize fairs twice a year and the money goes to the Red Cross, so that people who are treated there can do handiwork.

I have opened an other project "jumpers of second hand". The profits are for the unfortunates.

Here you can see all the caps I have made for shipment.

Click on the photograph for enlargement.







Here you can see al the caps and berets my sponsors have sent to me. They are very great to see.

The first girl has made pictures herselves. The others I made myself with my mannequins.

The following five caps I received from the industrious women that I decorated with beads and sequins.

Later you will find them again, but without the beads.

Here you can see my cupboard with al the caps ready for shipment