Wool what is that?

A lot of people think that wool only comes of the sheep. Angora wool for e.g. comes from the goat or from the rabbit.
Wool are the gentle and thin hares that grow in the fur of some animals. Wool that generally descends of the sheep is used for clothing, blankets, etc.
Wool distinguishes itself by having scales, in which hang seeds and brushwood. The skin of the sheep is protected against damages, this in contrast to for example a cow.
Furthermore wool is frizzy, has 20 turnings by 2.5 centimer. Because of this air is well held and for this reason is wool a good warmth isolator. Both properties, the scales and the frizzy, make that wool also can easily be spun.
The fibres catch easily in each other and get caught. Under pure wool is understood the undamaged wool, shaved of a healthy and living sheep. In a shop pure wool is recognised by an international wool mark.
Wool types of inferior quality are regained wool from the processing of carried clothing or from thread and fabric residue in the textile industry.
Other wool of inferior quality is obtained by a chemical treatment of the furs of slaughtered sheep. Most of the wool is produced in Australia and New-Zealand. (approximately 1 billion sheep on the world)

Animals that provide fibres and wool are:

1.Sheep. Domesticated cattle which is bred for flesh, milk and wool.

2.Alpaca. Lives in the Andes in South-America. Also the smallest lama, the Vicuña, provides wool.

3.Rabbit. This means the angora rabbit. The angora wool is particularly gentle and very light. To make him stronger angora wool is mixed with sheep wool or other fibres.

4.Goat. Cashmere wool (also spelled as cashmere) comes of the cashmere goat, which occurs in Angola and Mongolia. These animals live in wild in desolate areas. Wool is won by combing 100 - 200 grammes of the abdomen underfur and is also called Pashmina. Mohair is originating from the Angora goat.

5.Camel. Light or dark brown her that is used in coats and blazers.

6.Horse. Brown, black and white from the tail and mane, which are used for chair covering, linen for lapels of clothing.

7.Yak. (Mongolie) for carpets and linen.

The word wool in sayings:

1.All wool and a yard wide: of excellent quality, thoroughly sound.
2.Put the wool over someone’s eyes: deceive someone, especially by telling untruths.